Our services


We offer professional translation services from English to French, and French to English: that way, we only take care of two languages, take care of delivering quality that goes above and beyond expectations. We have the resources, both online and in books (Ah, books! How we miss ye!) to find a way to overcome daily linguistic challenges. We translation in an accurate, reliable and idiomatic way. A small core team means that you are in direct communication with the linguists that are working for you.


We are all speaking in metaphors, but sometimes, metaphors in one language do not travel as well in other languages. Translating metaphors is sometimes referred to as transcreation, or the act of adaptation of a linguistic product for a target culture.

That being said, behind every translator there is an author that loves words, for translation is an art form by itself. We treat every text like it is our own little novel: with creativity. We go beyond translating words and sentences: we translate texts, making sure that sentences flow seamlessly, that ideas are coherent, that the text stays true to your words. Being creative allows us to clearly translate your texts in a way that readers will find appealing, pleasant to them.

Cultural specialists

Translation can break cultural barriers (of course), but only if it is done right. We provide acute cultural insights, based on facts and knowledges and real-life experiences. The readers’ emotions and culture are at the very core of our work, whatever task we undertake.

Go local or go global!

Translation is a matter of making intelligible a text AND a culture. By reading your texts, people are, in a way, welcoming you into their house: let them know that you appreciate them. By using native French translators, your reader will feel at home.

There is about 275 millions French speakers in the world. Translation is only a small step to take, and can make you leap across international borders.